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About Photographer David James

<em><strong>Thank You for checking out my site. I have been an avid photographer my entire life. I love capturing lifes little moments and sharing them with the world. I am most interested in creating a unique portrait setting for you. How can we do the "typical" shot differently? This, Is the first question I will ask you.  
I have photographed everyday people. Plus I have photographed national television celebrities who have used my photos for their promotional material.

I want your pictures to stand out from others you have taken in the past and create a new timeless keepsake that you will be proud to display. Feel free to e-mail for my rates or any questions you may have. 

I look forward to hearing from you,

David James
</em></strong><a href="mailto:david@photosbydavidjames.com">david@photosbydavidjames.com</a>

What makes me so special I have been a professional photographer for over 10 years now and I love what I do every single day. I was one of the lucky ones to find my passion in life at an early age. My grandmother was my inspiration because she was the family documentarian. She was always the one member of our family who had a camera and wasn’t afraid to use it. Now, the funny thing is, my grandmother was blind in one eye and sometimes took some very off-center photos. It wasn’t uncommon to flip through photographs she had taken and see my family, perfectly in focus, but with our heads cut out of the picture. My father referred to my grandmother as “The Lopper” because most of the pictures she took lopped off our heads. But what I learned from her was the importance of taking the photos to preserve the memories for future generations. Photos capture and tell the story of our lives.  I have a tried and true photo journalistic style that turns me into a fly on the wall when I need to be, capturing the sweet, genuine and most beautiful emotional moments happening all around me that day. The other side of me loves to pose you in the most flattering and beautiful artistic way I can. You will hear me say this phrase often, “It is my job to help you look as beautiful as possible!” I know what looks good, I know how to pose you in a truly natural way and I am here to help! I have shot a gazillion (technical term) subjects so I am extremely prepared for it all. 

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